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Beneath the Rainbow

I am by no means a prolific writer of poetry and songs. However from time to time I feel compelled to say something and nothing will do until I manage to put it down on paper. Someone said to me a long time ago that it is an art to be able to say a lot using just as little dialogue. Poetry and song present a true challenge in that respect. I have tried to say a lot in these little verses about my time working in Residential Care and the predicament of the Homeless with whom I also worked for a time.

So “Beneath the Rainbow” is no airy fairy affectation but is down to earth rooted in real experience. Some verses simply reflect what is happening in the world in politics, current affairs and the ugly face of international terrorism.

I take firm stand against the kind of cryptic political correctness which attempts to do away with Christmas on the pretext that it is potentially offensive to some people. In 2002 my wife and I had great difficulty in finding a Christmas Card which made any reference to the Nativity. Since then we have printed our own, complete with verse, all of which are reproduced here.

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There are some lighter moments which it is hoped will at least cause the reader to smile a while. Some of the songs herein are fully consummated, others are merely lyrics awaiting the arrival of a musical match which will, I fear, have to come from someone other than myself.

Throughout all of this there is the string influence of the word of God which above all urges me to write. If there is anything here worthy of a small measure of acclamation then praise be to Him who perhaps has blessed me with a speck of His mighty colossal creative spirit.

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An Easter Memory

I stood alone in the midst of moss and pine
And without effort willed myself to be,
At one with nature, in and all around me.
Where earth bound ego-centric thoughts decline

As I walked the Kingseat Mile at Easter
I saw life and death displayed in nature’s friction
And wondered whether truth or contradiction
Defined that slender line between eternity and time

The earth in all her glory struggles to live again
As early sun strikes through the cloudy grey
And cold, yet not, the remnants of this rugged day
Are tossed in paradox denying winter pain

The blood stained hand of Jesus on the bough
Spills of scented leaf mould mixed with blackened peat
Then in gentle stir of time beneath my restless feet
My sould cries out eternity is now!


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